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The preliminary hearing for the 29 police agents charged with various crimes relating to the raid at the Scuola Diaz is starting in Genoa three years after July 21 200. We have reached this point, fully aware that there is no more to discover regarding what happened that night: unjustified beatings, false accusations of holding weapons, the false reports that were given by the police on the spur of the moment, have become historical fact. The most difficult part of the trial is yet to come: the identification of the individual responsibility of squadron leaders, officers and directors, while the perpetrators of the brutality have escaped from the hand of justice because they were unidentifiable. Ascertaining individual responsibility is the Court’s job. We will collaborate with the Court in the role of plaintiffs in a civil suit and as citizens that believe in justice and in constitutional rights.
But our desire for justice does not stop here. We want to know who and what political responsibility there is for what happened at the Diaz school. From our country’s leaders we want to hear clear words regarding the intangibility of human rights that were trampled upon at the Diaz School (and not only there during those days of the G8 demonstrations), as has been amply documented and witness by both Italian and foreign citizens and press, independent observers.
We are convinced that the violations of constitutional rights at the Diaz school, as in Bolzaneto, and in the streets of Genoa, have hurt, not only the immediate victims of the abuse, but all of our country’s citizens. In Genoa, democracy was humiliated, for a few days rights and legality were suspended. Thus, what is at risk is not just the legal destiny of a few State functionaries, but the affirmation of the Constitution and the importance of and respect for human and civil rights which is true of any democracy.
This is why we believe that the Genoa trials regard, not only the plaintiffs, the victims and the defendants, but all citizens who have the respect for constitutional rules and the credibility of democratic institutions at heart. We will not tire, and we will continue, starting from June 25 until it is no longer necessary, to stimulate all of our citizens, our institutions, political parties and movements and the public opinion to see the Genoa trials as a test of our democracy itself: its quality, and its capacity to preserve Constitutional rights. We invite you to pay close attention to the Genoa trials, and to come to Genoa from June 26 on, to support our struggle.
Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa
Piazza Carlo Giuliani Committee

Friday 25 June, 11:00 a.m. - Informagiovani c/o Palazzo Ducale, piazza De Ferrari
PRESS CONFERENCE organized by Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa
- Enrica Bartesaghi and Lorenzo Guadagnucci (Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa)
- Some of the 93 people arrested at the Diaz School, plaintiffs in the civil suit
- Parliamentarians from the newly formed " Parliamentary Observatory on the Genoa trials and Human Rights"

Friday June 25, 4:00 p.m. – “Ufficio di rappresentanza” in Palazzo Tursi, Genoa City Hall, via Garibaldi
The Mayor of Genoa, Giuseppe Pericu, will meet " Diaz people", guests of the City of Genoa, on the eve of the preliminary hearing
Saturday, July 26, 9:00 a.m.
Demonstration on the streets of Genoa, on the occasion of the preliminary hearing regarding the trial of 29 police officers regarding what happened in the Diaz School. Meeting place: next to the Palace of Justice. Reading of the signs, worn by the demonstrators, of the medical documentation relative to the abuse perpetrated at the Diaz School and in the Bolzaneto barracks.
Saturday 26 June, 18:00 p.m. - (Piazza de Ferrari TO BE CONFIRMED)
Open Theatre: Monologue: "With your stone", by and with Riccardo Lestini, theatre-investigation into what happened in Genoa

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