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On October 12, 2005 it will begin at the Court in Genoa the lawsuit to 45 accused, among agents of the state police, prison watches, ‘carabinieri’ (policemen) and physicians, accused for the acts of violence committed against the people there were either arrested or hold for questioning, from Friday 20 to Sunday July 22, 2001, in the barracks in Genoa Bolzaneto.

The contested crimes are: misfeasance, private violence, personal lesions, struck, insults, threats and ideological forgery, abuse of authority against prisoners or arrested, violation of the penitentiary rules and of the convention for the safeguard of the human rights and the fundamental freedoms.
At Bolzaneto it was violated the article 3 of the European Convention of the human rights that forbids the torture and the inhuman and degrading treatments.

I wish to remember to everybody the importance of this lawsuit that gives the possibility, to those people that were victims of the violence, to be able to get the sentence against at least some of the persons responsible in that days and to be indemnified for the suffered damages, both the physical and the moral ones, besides participating in the lawsuit with an active role.

In the four past years since July 2001 I have been meeting a lot of people: Italian or foreigners, women or men, young people or adults, that transited for few hours or for a lot of hours in the lager of Bolzaneto. Anyhow too much and unbearable and for who was thinking to be living a so-called “civil” and “democrat” country, for whoever thought that the torture was a word, a procedure for a southamerican regime.

In their eyes, on their skin, at distance of years, I still perceived the fear, the terror, the nightmare of that days. Many of them, had not found yet the necessary energy to pass on the other side: from victims to witnesses against the torture. It’s a difficult step but it can serve to recover dignity and hope.

Whoever did not stand as plaintiff has the opportunity to do it within October 12 th 2005.

This possibility is not only limited only to those that was physically present inside the Barracks in Genoa Bolzaneto, also their parents and the relatives and close friends of whom has suffered violence can stand as plaintiff, as they has suffered a damage as well in consequence of the committed crimes.

Therefore, if you didn’t still stand as plaintiff I’m inviting you to do it as soon as possible through a lawyer. If you want you can contact the committee, by phone or by mail: we will take care to give you all the necessary information and eventually to indicate to you a lawyer of your zone, we will furthermore inform you about the initiatives of the Committee on the occasion of the beginning of the lawsuit,

kind regards,

Enrica Bartesaghi
President of the ‘truth and justice for Genoa’ committee

Tel. 0039 335 – 568 13 14

www.veritagiustizia.it - info@veritagiustizia.it

The Committee Truth and Justice for Genoa picks up funds for the defense of whom remained victim of the repression of the police in Genoa in July 2001.

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