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Dear parliamentary friends

Dear parliamentary friends,
this appeal is sent by the Committee Verità and Justice for Genoa, to the parliamentary ones that - as us - are aware that what happened in Genoa in July 2001 during the G8 represented a serious decay of the democratic rights. In that days abuses against hundreds of pacific demonstrators were carried out from the police. Since then our Committee fights so that the truth is verified and the justice takes its course. We are convinced that this is a battle of democracy of universal value.
After years of information, of collaboration with the lawyers, of collecting and diffusion of testimonies, of search of the truth on the known and dramatic facts of the school Diaz, of Bolzaneto and of the other places of concentration of the arrested ones, on the violences in the street that the police has carried out on the demonstrators, on the facts of Piazza Alimonda, today the Committee needs a bigger and bigger support, also from the economic point of view.
In the past month of March it started the trial to 25 demonstrators accused of devastation and looting; on June 26 the pre-trial hearing against 29 between police officers and executives responsible of the massacre followed to the break-in in the rooms of the Diaz school; other agents will be postponed in trial for the facts of Bolzaneto. All this means an enormous increase of work, both on the plan of the legal activity and in the relationships with the public opinion. It is essential to guarantee the work, destined to last years, of the legal secretariat that serves as support - with the whole enormous necessary documentation - to the lawyers engaged in the various trials. It is essential to multiply the initiatives of information and involvement of the public opinion, to avoid that on the processes in Genoa falls the forgetfulness.
Our committee till now has collected among the citizens around 60 thousand Euro, that we are using for financing the preparation and the lease of a center for the local secretariat, for the payment of a person that works there on stable basis, for the reproduction of documents etc. The expenses are destined to climb with the advance of the trials. Therefore we macaws asking ask you to give to contribution to the Committee and to sustain in active and continuous way our activities, both on the economic plan and on that political.
The payments can be effected on the postal checking account:
CCP n.34566992 registered to: Verità e Giustizia per Genova specifying in the motive:
Legal Secretariat or through banking credit transfer: ABI 07601 - CAB 01400 –
c/c number 34566992 c/fs 95076940105ABI 07 www.veritagiustizia.its - info@veritagiustizia.it