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July 8, 2004

Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa Needs Help

Comitato VeritÓ e Giustizia per Genova

"The trial over the events of Diaz, of that historic and tragic July, has just started. Many haven't forgotten and will never forget. Some, instead, have already dismissed them. It means that they haven't reflected, haven't understood what happened and why. But those who haven't forgotten and believe in and stand for the freedom and democracy of our country, must know that only a long struggle has brought us to this trial. Only the will to demand justice and truth. And this costs.

Hard, voluntary work, but also money. In order to support the work of the lawyers in all of the trials following G8 - the one about Diaz, the one forthcoming about Bolzaneto, the one ongoing against 26 protesters - and to continue the work of denunciations, information, stimulation of public opinion. We need funds in order to follow up on this battle, which is everyone's. Give us a hand".

June 29, 2004
Giulietto Chiesa
Honorary President of the Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa

Dear friend,

This appeal is being sent by the Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa and by its honorary President Giulietto Chiesa to all those who, in these years, have shown interest in the important activity carried out by us, that has continued tirelessly ever since its birth in the summer of 2002.

After years of information, collaboration with the lawyers of the GLF [Genova Legal Forum], collecting and publishing evidence, searching the truth about the well-known and dramatic events of the school of Diaz, Bolzaneto and the other places of concentration of the arrested, about the violence that the law-enforcement agencies delivered on the protesters in the streets, about the the events of Piazza Alimonda and generally about all the falsehoods and mystifications that have attempted to deviate the attention from the grave responsibility of whoever, in those days, let the rights of citizenship to be tread upon and the most fundamental constitutional rights to be suspended, the Committee has today reached a critical point, vital to its existence.

The trial against 25 protesters, accused of devastation and plundering, started in March this year. On the 26th of June, we had the preliminary hearing against 29 policemen and managers, responsible for the massacre that followed the bursting into the Diaz school. Other policemen will be sentenced for the events of Bolzaneto. All this means an enormous amount of work, both in legal activity and in public relations. It is indispensable to guarantee the continuation of the work - destined to last years - of the legal secretariat that lends support - with all the huge amount of necessary documentation - to the lawyers employed in the various trials. It is absolutely necessary to multiply the evenings, gatherings, encounters, shows, initiatives of information and involvement of public opinion, in order to avoid that the trials of Genoa are completely forgotten.

We ask you, then, to help the Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa with a subscription of:

25 Euros ...... to uphold the Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa

50 Euros ...... to back the Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa

100 Euros ..... to support the Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa

Upon receipt of the sum, we will send you the Friend of the Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa Card. If you opt for 100 Euros, you will also receive a T-shirt of the Committee.

You may pay through the Italian Post Offices:

CCP no. 34566992 in favour of: "VeritÓ e Giustizia per Genova"

specifying as the motivation: "Segreteria Legale"

or through a bank deposit:

ABI 0761, CAB 01400, Account no. 34566992, Fiscal Code: 95076940105

specifying as the motivation: "Segreteria Legale"

Please do not forget to indicate the address where you'd like your Card delivered and your T-shirt size in case you opted for 100 Euros.

[For people not in Italy, yes, we will send you the Card and the T-shirt. And please do check our site if your bank finds it difficult to transfer funds; we may have published further information for international fund transfer.]

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