Comitato verita' e giustizia per Genova

The Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa

Over one year has passed since the Genoa events of July 2001. The legal proceedings are still ongoing. The media's coverage has been intermittent and often swayed by biased interests. We who were in Genoa are demanding truth and justice because we do not have anything to hide, and for more than one year we have been fighting for an accurate reconstruction of the events. We believe that the work of the judges has to continue, unhindered and uninfluenced from outside parties. For this reason, we believe it is important that the people that were in Genoa-the many witnesses of incidents that occurred in the streets, in the Diaz school, in the detention centers of Forte San Giuliano and Bolzaneto, and in the prisons-should organize and make their voices be heard. It is important that the focus be maintained on the present investigations, and that people actively continue speaking out and criticizing biased media coverage of the events.

For these reasons, "The Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa" has been born, founded by a group of witnesses of the incidents, journalists, doctors, and union activists, and supported by the lawyers of the Genoa Legal Forum. The honorary president of the Committee is the journalist Giulietto Chiesa. We are 12 people that invite all those who were in Genoa-starting from those who are involved in the investigations-to support the committee, which has two main goals:

  1. To raise money for the defense of the victims ( who have been charged and who are pressing charges) of police repression in Genoa during the G8 meeting.

  2. To give updates on the development of the judiciary investigations.

In Genoa, during July 2001, citizens' rights were repetitively trampled upon: civil society has to be alert and act so that justice will be served and that the many false reconstructions of the past months will be rejected. "The Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa" desires to offer one more tool for the citizens who care about truth, the quality of democracy, and the respect for individual rights. The Committee is building an Internet site in Italian and English in order to inform Italians and foreigners that were in Genoa during those days and are still under investigation by the Italian courts. We want to support the lawyers' work, support the victims, and let them know that they are not alone.

It is therefore very important to receive your support in order to strengthen our cause.

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